Which floor has the best Feng Shui ?

Many think that the higher the apartment floor is, the better it is for health. They think that the air qualities are better and there are less noises, better views, etc on the higher floors. In fact, the researchings have shown that the air quality is worse when the floor height is over 30 meters from the ground, because there is more CO2 and less O2 in the air. In addition, it is easy to feel unsafe when man lives in an apartment on a high floor. When a disaster happens, it is always rather difficult for those on very high floors to get helps to escape. However, it is true that people living in the lower floors can be more bothered by noises, dirts, exhaust and air moisture.

According to Fengshui experts, the best floors are 5 - 7 floors. Fengshui is a subject seeking Yin Yang balance for a certain environment. In practice, the Yin Yang balanced environments are the most comfortable and reasonable from the respects of feeling, outlooking and construction. Normally the 5th - 7th floors are most close to Yin Yang balance, compared with other floors.

Feng Shui tips for wealth

Feng Shui tips for wealth is one of the most popular themes of Feng Shui. Wealth is directly related to our life qualities. We work hard for getting wealth. But it is not like that we become rich only if we work hard. To be rich man needs skills, network and some other things, among which luck is a very import one. We see sometimes talent and hard working people fail in their wealth seekings. They meet always small or big problems which hinder them reaching their goals. In these cases, Feng Shui adjustings probably are useful resolutions to them. Everything has Feng Shui functions. Feng Shui include everything. Without Feng Shui knowledge man can easily break Feng Shui taboos unconciously. Maybe you are damaging your wealth luck without you recognizing it. This website works to provide as many as possible Feng Shui tips about wealth to the readers. Read the following articles and follow the website.

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Feng Shui architecture

Architecture is an art creating visual beauty with building. However, from Feng Shui aspect individual visual beauty is not necessary auspicious. Feng Shui subject advocates harmony. Only intergral beauty makes positive sense according to Feng Shui, so Feng Shui subject focuses on the relationships among the things in certain environments. Feng Shui architecture evaluates buildings from the aspect of Yin Yang balance. Therefore, the buildings with good Feng Shui creat harmonic energy fields around the people using the buildings. Normally these buildings have intergral internal beauty and create intergral external beauty together with their environments.

How to keep Fengshui items

Many people wear Feng Shui items or put them at home and hope that the Fengshui items protect them or bring good lucks to them. Most of the persons believe that the Fengshui items have the expected Fengshui functions. Belief itself is a kind of energy which can arouse and enforce the Fengshui functions of the Fengshui items. However, man should additionally take care of the two following things to exploit abundantly the related Fengshui functions:

1. Right locations
Fengshui items must be put in certain places. For instance, lions must be put beside front doors or in entrances. If you put the lions in other places, they are not able to protect the homes. Even worse they can hurt the general lucks of the households. Man should know well where a Fengshui item should be put before he/she uses it.

2. Keep clean
A Fengshui item must be clean, because dirts shade Fengshui functions. Fengshui items made of metal or expensive wood need to be cleaned professionally. Fengshui items made of usual materials can be cleaned by usual ways. Fengshui Pixiu should be put in salt water for some hours after cleaned. 

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Feng Shui lucky numbers for career, wealth, marriage and car

1, 4, 6, 7 and 9 are good for raising position if the person works as official staff.

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 0 are good for wealth luck, because these numbers represent perfection, accumulation and water. Water represents wealth in Fengshui.

2, 3, 8 and 0 are good for marriage, because these numbers represent communication, connection, perfection and coorespondence.

The number of a car number should contain 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 23, 24, 31, 33, 35 or 37

The numbers of a car number should not contain 6, 14, 16,18, 19, 22, 26, 29 or 32.

The numbers of a car number should not be only even numbers or odd numbers.

If there are only three number, the number in the middle should not be the biggest one. If there are only four numbers, the numbers in the middle should not be bigger than both the first and last numbers.

About Feng Shui numbers

Every number has its' own Fengshui functions. Everybody has to associate with many numbers every day. Very often man can't choose which numbers he meets, so it is not practical that man cares the Fengshui functions of every number which appears in his daily life. However, sometimes man can or has to choose among some numbers. In these occasions, man can take Fengshui in consideration.

Different persons can have different Fengshui numbers. In addition, the Fengshui numbers of man can change with time, place and other factors. The Fengshui professional always give the newest information about Fengshui numbers. Man should follow their updatings to apply Fengshui numbers correctly. 

Fengshui lucky numbers for career, wealth, marriage and car
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