Bad Feng Shui: The five kinds of Fengshui worsening luck

The five kinds of bad Feng Shui worsen the lucks of the persons living in the house/apartment. Man must avoid living in a house/apartment with any of these characters:
1. Basement
A basement is normally moist and dark, which affects negatively both physical and mental healthes of the persons if they lives in it for more than one year. The longer they live in it, the more obvious the influences are. People living in a basement should move out as soon as possible.

2. The port faces directly the port of another house
It is usual that the port of a house/apartment faces directly the port of another house/apartment. However, if "the five characters" of the two households restraints each other, the lucks of both households will be weakened over time. The best way to resolve the problem is making an entrance hall/corridor behind the port, or hanging a curtain behind the port door.

3. The port faces directly a window
The port faces a window and the distance between the two is too short, so that the window comes into your view immediately when you open the port. In a such house/apartment, it is almost impossible to retain the good money luck of the household.

4. Living room door faces bathroom door
This kind of layout is very harmful to the luck of the household. If you can not change the door positions, you can hang a curtain behind the door of the bathroom.

5. White tiger presses the green dragon
The left side represents green dragon, and the right side represents white tiger. If the house on the right side of your house is higher than yours, the health of your family is threaten continually. Meanwhile, the possibility that your family get bad money luck is high.