Indoors plants can cause bad Fengshui

Beautiful plants and flowers are pleasant and can cultivate our aesthetic appreciation. Putting some plants indoor can increase the good Fengshui of the house/apartment. Generally plants with thick and big leaves are thought to be good for money luck of the household. However, there are some principles to decorate home with plants . Breaking these principles is not good to Fengshui.

1. Unhealthy plants
The health conditions of the plants which you put at home influence very much Fengshui of your home. Uhealthy plants consume continually the positive energy in the environment, therefore can cause bad Fengshui.

2.  Poisonous plants
Some plants are very beautiful, but exude toxic materials. Tuberose is one example. Its' fragrant smell can expel mosquitoes, but also can make people with high blood pressure and heart diseases uncomfortable. Begonia are beautiful, but some people are allergic to them.

3.  Ugly plants
Plants which don't meet our normal aesthetic standards generally make us uncomfortable. If we see them often, we can get certain emotional problems.

4. Too much plant
Too much plant indoor causes high moisture in the house/apartment, therefore is not good for health of the people living there.