Why shouldn't you buy a big house ?

"A small family lives in a big house" is a well known Feng Shui contraindication in China. If you visit Forbidden City, you will see that in the biggest palace in the world, the living rooms and bedrooms of the emperors are as small as those of the normal people. In the famous ancient private houses, such as Yu Garden, Garden of Fishing-Net-Master, although the houses are huge, containing even pavilions, lake, artificial mountains, etc. the living rooms and bedrooms have also just normal sizes. Normal bedrooms are about 10 - 20 m2, while living rooms are usually less than 30 m2, and the ceilings are generally not higher than 3 m.

Everyone has his own energy field, called as "Qi field" in Chinese culture. The "Qi field" interacts continually with the living environments. If the spaces of living rooms and bedrooms are too big, Qi (energy) of the person is continually absorbed by the rooms. If one lives in such an environment for a long time, his health will be weakened. The practical reflections include feeling loneliness, emptiness and fear, which will cause depression, anxiety, suspicions, and other health problems. 

Today, many rich families live in houses with big living rooms and bedrooms. If there are often many people in these rooms, for example, there are many servants or visitors, except the inhabitants, Feng Shui of the house will not be weakened. However, if one or more inhabitants in the house feel often lonely, fear and other negative emotion, the family should consider moving.