Feng Shui taboos about the pictures on the walls of the living room

Probably just like many others, you like to also put some pictures on the walls of the living room, but do you know to how to chose the contents for the pictures and how to put them on? Every picture has its' own Feng Shui Qi. Different contents, colors and positions of the pictures affect differently the total Feng Shui of the living room. To get good lucks to your family, you shouldn't break these Feng Shui taboos.

1. The height
Pictures should be put at the heights which are conformt for people to watch. The recommanded height is about 2 meters from the floor. Either higher or lower is not good for Feng Shui.

2. The colors
The colors of the pictures should be harmonic with the livingroom. The pictures should be pleasant to see. Too exciting or depressive pictures affect the mood of the people living in the house/apartment.

3. The positions
The pictures should be put on obvious places. It is not proper to put them on corners or in shadows. The recommanded places are the main wall, over coffee table, over sofa, over piano, etc.

4. Light direction
The best direction of the natural light sources to the pictures is the upper left of the pictures.

5. Number of pictures
If there are too many pictures in a same room, it is easy for people to be dazed. 1-2 is a suitable number normally. If you want to put several pictures in the living room, you should put them apart from each other.

6. Contents of pictures
The contents of the pictures shouldn't collide with each other, for example, a picture of dog and a picture of rooster shouldn't put in a same room; You shouldn't put a picture of waterfall in the living room. This kind of pictures make the lucks of the household unstable; If it is a picture of river or brook, the flow direction should point to the inside of the house/apartment. The most recommanded contents of the pictures are auspicious symbols such as horses, beautiful birds, flowers, pines and so on.