Feng Shui effects of underclothes

If you are told that underclothes can affect Feng Shui, you probably will not feel strange. Everything in the universal is a energy unit. Every energy unit around you affects your energy field. Underclothes attach to your body all day long, they play certainly non-ignorable effects to Feng Shui. Let's see what contraindications you must know about underclothes.

1. The tag on the underclothes must be removed when you use the underclothes
Some people don't want to remove the tags on the underclothes, if they are products of famous brands. In fact, most people don't remove the tags because they think it is not necessary. But the underclothes with tags can really affect your lucks. If your lucks are bad recently, you can cut the tags on your underclothes to see if this can help you.

2. Don't wash underclothes with washing powder
Most of us use washing machine to wash underclothes. Washing powder therefore is the most common detergent we use for our underclothes. However, to avoid negative impacts on Feng Shui, we should use soap to wash underclothes.

3. Don't dry them in public places
Many dry their underclothes together with other clothes in public places, such as, public terrace, public rooves, etc. However, this drying method can do harm to man's fortune. Underclother can't neither be put leisurely on whatever thing nearby. You should hang them with clothe hanger. Additionally, new underclothes just bought from shops must be washed before man put them on.