Feng Shui tips for the front door of your house/apartment

1. The wood grain of the door must be upwards
If the wood grain of the door is downwards, the general luck of the household becomes worse and worse. However, if the wood grain is not visible, it doesn't matter if it is upwards or downwards.

2. The door must not be too long
If the door is over 2.3 meters long, it is easy for the memembers of the family to get fierce Qi and become greedy and lose senses. If the door is too short or too narrow, good lucks can't flow into the household. The memembers of the family will get loss whatever they do. Their mental states will be afftected negatively also.

3.  The front door should be put on the left side of the house/apartment
If there is flat plass, parking plass, lawn, swimming pool in front of the house/apartment, the door shoud be in the middle of the front side of the house/apartment. Otherwise, it is best to put it on the left of the front side. You should avoid that there is a door facing the north. Doors facing north are called as "ghost doors" in Feng Shui. They bring evil Qi.

4.  The front door should not face an elevator
The mobility of the elevator takes away all the good money luck, if your front door faces an elevator. From psychological aspect, the environment around the front door should be still and peaceful. Our lucks are tightly related to our psychological states.

5.   The front door should not face a window, door or toilet
If the front door face directly a window, door or toilet, because windows, doors and toilets store often much negative Qi, which can easly rush into your home when your front door is open. If your door unfortunately is located in such a location, you should put  a hinder, such as curtain and cabinet, behind the door. A entrance-hall is also a good resolution to this kind of Feng Shui.

6. The front door should not be on a straight line with two or more doors
If the front door is on a straight line with the doors of the living room and a bedroom/office, it forms a Feng Shui state called as "Penetrating-heart". This kind of Feng Shui destroies completely the good money luck of the household. If the front door is on a straight line with the doors of other rooms, the general luck of the household is hurt.