How to get better love luck with Feng Shui?

Lots of adualts are single today. Although many of them actually expect to get a lover and establish a family. For these people, it can be very helpful if they try these Feng Shui tips to improve their love luck.

1. Put fresh flowers in the living room
Fresh flowers can not only decorate the living room and improve the living environment, but also improve the love luck. However, the flowers must be put in the right place to work well. For female, the flowers must be located beside their left hands. For male, the flowers must be located beside their right hands.

2. Put on some crystal
Crystal helps us to get away the evil things. It is very good to improve our lucks if we put some crystal on us. Pink crystal can furthmore bring more chances to date. Therefore, if you are single you should put on pink crystal to increase the chances to meet your lover soon.

3. Change your outlooking
If you always have bad love luck, you can change your outlooking to change your energy field. A new energy field brings some new social relationships to you. In the new social network, maybe you find your lover very soon.

4. Utilize colors
White and black colors are not good for love luck, so you shouldn't use clothes in these colors if you want to have good love luck. However, red and pink can help love luck. So the persons with bad love luck can improve the luck by utilizing these colors.

5. Put on a red string
Chinese like to put on a red string to get away the evil things. In fact, red string can also improve one's love luck. A red string is usually put on the neck or wrist, but you can also put it in some other ways which you like.