How to place your sofa to get good Feng Shui

Sofa is a forniture where we spend much on it when we are at home. It affects much our fortunes. Therefore it is important to know how to place it to get good Feng Shui.

1. Put it in front of a wall
A sofa should be put in front of a wall. It is best if it is put up against a wall. From Feng Shui aspect, wall means solid dependence. You can also put it in front of a big cabinet, however, there must be not glass on the front side of the cabinet. You should also avoid putting fish tank or acqriaum on the cabinet. Although both golden fish and water bring good money luck, fish tank/acariaum spoils the stability of the Qi of the cabinet. Similiarly, there should not be a window on the wall behind the sofa. If there is a window on the wall, you shoudl cover the window or put a cabinet between the window and sofa. 

2. Put auspicious picture on the wall behind the sofa
Auspicious pictures themselves are good for home Feng Shui. When they are put on the wall behind a sofa, their auspicious functions are enforced. Pictures of tigers and big birds are also counted as aspicious symbols in some occasions, but you shouldn't put them on the wall behind a sofa. These figures have fierce Qi, which is not good for the persons relaxing or trying to relax on the sofa.

3. Don't put a sofa under a beam
We shouldn't put any forniture under a beam. From the aspect of Feng Shui, if there is ofen a beam over one's head, the person get always bad luck whatever he/she does.

4. Don't let the light on the roof shines right on man
When man rests on a sofa, the light should be tender. If the light shines right on man, man can feel faint. It is not good for sights either. If you have such a lamp, you should turn off it when you sit on the sofa.

5. Sofa and a door can't be on a straight line
When a sofa and a door are on a straight line, they form a pattern called as "Men Chong", which causes that the negative Qi coming from the door washes away the good lucks stored on the sofa. Man can break the pattern by moving the sofa, or just put a cabinet or a screen between the door and the sofa.

6. Sofa should be put in a "U" form
"U" form is a cave to receive and store "Qi". If the sofa is put on a good location, the "U" form receive continually good Qi and store it. The more good Qi is on the sofa, the more good lucks the sofa gives to the persons sitting in it. This pattern has espeically much impacts to the health of the persons.

At last, a very important point must be mentioned
A sofa must be clean and tidy, otherwise it hurts the money luck of the people using it.