How to put aquarium to get good Fengshui in home

Golden fishes are auspicious symbols, so many people like to raise them at home. Aquarium contains much water. According to Fengshui theory, water represents money luck. So an aquarium is very important for the money luck of the family. Let's see how you should choose and put aquarium in your house/apartment to get good Fengshui.
The form of aquarium
      1. Round aquarium
According to "Five characters" theory, the character of round aquarium is metal. Metal helps water. So round aquariums are good for the money luck. 
      2 Rectangle aquarium 
     The character of rectangle aquarium is wood. Wood partly helps water. Rectangle aquariums can be used in home. 
      3. Square aquarium
The character of square aquarium is earth. Earth does harm to water. Square aquariums cannot be used in home.
      4. Hexagonal aquarium
The character of hexagonal aquarium is water. If water plus water, the money luck becomes stronger. Hexagonal aqucariums are good for Fengshui in home.
5    5. Sharp aquarium
Aquariums with sharp forms, such as triangle, will cause quarreling and physical hurts to the members of the household. Round and elliptical are the most recommanded aquarium forms.

The location of aquarium
Aquarium can't be put in these locations

1.  Under divine figures 
"God right over water" is a Fengshui taboo. It causes money luck running away as water.

2.  Facing ovens 
The character of oven is fire. Fire does harm to water. Additionally kitchen is the money source of Fengshui. If an aquarium faces oven, it is a double hurts to the money luck of the family.
3.  Too high 
If an aquarium is put 1.3 meter over the floor, it forms "rushing state", which washes away the money luck, in the house or apartment. 

4.  Too low 
If an aquarium is put directly on the floor without using foot stools, it forms "cut foot" Fengshui, which blocks the helps to the family from others. 

5.  In kitchen, bathroom and bedroom 
Aquarium should not be put in kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, otherwise the members of the household can be sick. The best place to locate aquarium is living room. The best direction to put aquarium is southwest and the second best is east. If it is put in reading room/home office, it is best to put it on the southeast corner of the room. 

If you are not an armyman or a scholar, you must not raise black fishes. Different zodiac signs have different luck numbers of the fishes in the aquarium. 
Rats and pigs: 1 or 6 
Tigers and rabbits: 3 or 8 
Snakes and horses: 2 or 7 
Monkeys and roosters: 4, 9 or 5 
Dragons, dogs, oxen and goats: 5, 10, 4 or 9