Feng Shui tips for home furnishing

Even through we have chosen a house or an apartment with good Feng Shui, we must funish our homes correctly, otherwise the good Feng Shui will be reduced or offset. Therefore you should know these contraindications on home funishing.

1. Oven is located in west.
The character of oven is fire, and the character of west is metal. Fire and metal hurt each other. In Feng Shui, oven masters food source of the household. Feng Shui of oven is important for the health and general luck of the household.

2. Oven faces a door
Oven shouldn't be too much visible. It shouldn't face a door. If it faces a bedroom, it is not good for the healthes of the persons using the bedroom. Bathroom and toilet store much dirty Qi. If the oven faces the door of a bathroom/toilet, the dirty Qi counteracts the good luck the oven brings to the household. If the oven faces a door, we can put hinder, such us curtain, additional door and cabinet, between them.

3. Aquarium is under a divine stuatue
Aquarium is an auscipious symbol brings money luck to the household. It is recommanded to put aquarium in home. However, you should know the contraindications about placing aquarium.

4. Clock is put on wrong wall
Clock is an auscipcious symbol which brings good lucks to the household. It is should be put on the wall facing the entrance to the house/apartment, or on the wall of a bedroom or office room. A clock has following Feng Shui functions: 1. brings good money luck; 2. banishes evil Qi; 3. improves the career lucks for the people working as managers; 4. improves the general luck of the household

 5. Green plants with sharp leaves are placed indoor
Green plants with big and evergreen leaves are good for the general luck of the household. From environment aspect, the kind of plants improve the air quality and produce good aesthetic effects in the house/apartment. However, plants with sharp leaves brings vicious Qi. Plants with very properous leaves are neither good for Feng Shui. You must avoid putting them in home.

6. Close the windows and doors too much
You should keep fresh air in your home, therefore you should open the windows and doors often. Fresh air is good for your health and mental state, therefore is good for your lucks. However, when you open a door facing the outside of the house/apartment, you should not open it too much, otherwise it hurts the money luck of the household.

7. Your home is too dark
Light is Yang, and dark is Yin. Yin Qi brings evil events to the household.

8. Furnitures don't match with the house/apartment
Both the size and colour of a furniture should match with the environment around it. You shouldn't put big furnitures in a small room or too little/small furnitures in a big room, because such layouts spoil Yin Yang balance of the room.

9. Feil colors in the rooms
The colors in each room should be harmonic. Generally, it is recommanded that the colors of the roofs should be lighter than the colors of the floors. Light blue, white and light green are ideal colors for the roofs. Improper decorations can make people depressive or nervous. Cool, clean, warm and comfortable rooms are good for both physical and psychological health for the people living in them.

10. Feil Feng Shui objects
Many people put Feng Shui objects blindly home. For example, many know Ba Gua mirrors, mirrors and wind clocks are good for Feng Shui, so they buy them from shop and put them whereever they think it is proper. It is dangerous to put Feng Shui objects in feil places. You must get professional suggestions to place a Feng Shui object properly. It is better you don't place them at home if you don't know how to place them. Know more about contraindications about mirror

11. The closet is in the middle of the house/apartment
If the closet is in the middle of the house/apartment, you should often store some water in the bathtub, or put a container filled with water in the bathroom.

12. The edge of a canopy is in arrow form
The edge of a canopy should have gentle form, such as, curve, otherwise it is easy for the memebers of the household to get conflicts with others.