Feng Shui for money: Bad habits making you poor

In our daily life, we can unconciously make different mistakes to hurt the good Feng Shui we have. Some habits you have held for long time are probably making you poorer and poorer. You work hard and are upgoing, but your efforts are like the sands gone with wind. There are maybe many reasons to your failures, but the real reasons are maybe just not those which you think. Have you any of these habits? If you have, you should abandon it.

1. shake the legs
If man shakes his legs when he/she sits, according to Feng Shui theories, he shakes away also his money luck. From aesthetic aspect, man should sit erectly and calmly; From health aspect, the best pose for circulation system is that man sits upright. Relaxing poses are good for the health, but shaking makes the people sitting nearby uncomfortable and affects the impressions they have on the person. Shaking shows that the person is nervous. People look calm and steady win trusts easier.

2. place auspicious symbols leisurely
Many people like to put auspicious symbols at home. However, different auspicious symbols have different meanings and Feng Shui Qi. Where they should be placed depends on whether their Qi match with the Qi in home. Furthermore, the sources of the auspicious symbols make sense on the ways they should be placed. For example, auspicious symbols you get from a temple and buy from a shop require different ways to be placed. If you don't know how to place them, it is better you don't place them at all, in case they hurt home Feng Shui.

3. place green plants leisurely
Many green plants can be very helpful for the money luck for the household, when they are put in home. However, many people don't take good care of the plants. They put them on the corners or between two fornitures in a narrow room to save place. The plants grow badly or become sick because of shortages of sunshine, water, right temperature, etc. Only healthy plants can bring good lucks to you. Weak and sick plants are negative Qi sources which weaken the positive Qi in the household.

4. too many pockets on the clothes
From Feng Shui aspect, if there are too many pockets on the clothes, the money luck of the person will be spread. Many people like clothes with many pockets, because they are convenient, or because they are fashionable. If you don't care your money luck, you don't need to care if you should put them on.

5. Waste clean water
Many people have habits of wasting clean water. They often buy bottled drinking water and throw away them when they don't want to carry them, or have to throw them several days later because they forget to drink them up. At home, they fill water in glasses and empty them before the water were drunk up. However, clean water brings money luck. When you throw clean water, you throw away also the money luck it brings. If you like to throw away money luck, the money luck will not like you longer.

6. leave the place at the door messy
Environment around your home affects also the luck of you and your family. As we mentioned in other articles, the front door of a house or apartment is the most important opening for Qi coming into your home. Keep the place outside your front door clean, because it attracts good Qi. If it is messy or dirty, it attracts bad or evil Qi. Qi flows into your home when the front door is open, so it is important to keep the place in front of your front door clean.

7. leave home in dark
According to Yin Yang theory, dark is Yin. Yin hurts good Feng Shui in home. Many people are very thrifty. They turn off the lights as much as they can. Their homes are dark even in evening. This habit is very harmful to the money luck of the household. From the aspect of health, it is easier for people living in dark environment to get negative moods. Positive mental state is important for people. Another reason is that many don't know where the auspicious locations are and where the bad positions are in home. In fact, many locations become unlucky locations because they are short of lights. When you have much lights in home, you reduce the number of bad locations and also reduce the possibility that you place things in wrong places. However, it is not that the more light there is, the better the luck is. Too much light makes man nervous and creates problems also. When the light makes you uncomfortable, that is too much.

8. leave the small money on road
We often see some small money on road. Most of us don't pick them up, because we don't care so small money or we are ashamed of picking up so small money. You don't know, actually the real rich people pick whatever small money they see on the roads, because they know that only man respects money, money respects him; only they show that they like money, money likes them.

9. leave exchanges
Except when you should pay a tips, you should never refuse to take the exchanges that you should get back. People who give up these exchanges generally because they don't care about the small money. However, the real rich money care about always money whatever it is small or not.

10. leave money everywhere at home
Many people don't have neat habits. Their home are very messy. They often use many time to find things. These people generally don't take good care of their money either. They put them everywhere in home. If they collect the scattered money in the house or apartment, the amount can be quiet impressive. This is also a problem about the attitude to money. They are very leisure about money, therefore they are generally not good at managing their money.

11. write the name on money
For some people, it is probably very funny to write their names on the money and let other know that they have used this money, although the money has actually been in the hands of everyone in the country; or maybe they just want to see how often they get to use the same money. Whatever motivation it is, the result is the same: when the money carries their names and travel around the country, their money lucks are scattered everywhere the money has arrived until the money lucks are emptied completely.

12. put the money boxes in wrong places
Some people are more careful. They put their money and valuable things in safety boxes. However, it is not guaranteed that they have good money lucks by doing so. If they unfortunately put the boxes in wrong places, they will lose their good money lucks soon. Putting money in the locations with negative Qi destroy directly the money lucks.

13. leave money in the pockets when washing clothes
Many washing women like their jobs very much because they often can find much money in the pockets of their customers. The careless customers have general too little time to take care of their money. They work much and miss lost of money because they are not able to manage them well. By the day they can manage their money carefully, they will find easier ways to get rich rapidly. From the aspect of Feng Shui, sending money to washing rooms is just as same as letting the money flowing away.

14. decorate with money
Many like to collect money of different countries as traveling memories. It is quiet usual that they like to show their collections. However, money should be hidden, if man will store his good money luck. Many people exhibit their money openly by hanging them on the walls, or putting them on the table, etc. The more you expose your money, the faster you lose your money luck.

15. sprinkle money
It happens with the people who were poor but became rich rapidly for this or that reason. They are too happy and want to show their happinesses. Sprinkle money is a simple and direct way to show their war trophies. Sometimes, rich people do this for advertisement. Anywhere, if they have asked the suggestions from Feng Shui professsioal in advance, they would never have done this. People sprinkle their money become poor very soon.

16. keep unrepaired money
This is also a problem about attitude to money. They can actually drop in banks and exchange the money with a new, but they don't care. Some of them even just leave the money in home, when they can't use it because others don't accept it. From Feng Shui aspect, they are respectless for money. From psychological aspect, they are not care about money. This kind of people normally don't know how to utilize their resources reasonably to get more benefits.

17. treat money as art work
It is not unusual that people make handicrafts with money, then exhibit their art works or send them as presents. Either folding or exhibitting is a not respectful attitude to money. Flaunting skills with money shows more or less fun-loving attitude to money. The rich people are generally those having devotative love to money and enjoying in making money. Many rich people are actually very thrifty, because they have zealous passion to money. Attitude is very important, whatever you do. If you want to be rich, you need also a right attitude to money.

18. have no proper wallet
If you don't have a good wallet, it is easy to lose money or damage your money and cause direct economic loss to you. On another side, details are important. How can others trust you when they see you are so careless about the important things.