Feng Shui tips about kitchen and family harmony

Family harmony is one of the most important elements deciding whether man gets a happy life. To get family harmony, man must know various skills to handle conflicts and maintain loves. Additionally, man should learn related Feng Shui knowledge to make the efforts for family harmony efficient. Kitchen to a family plays an important role to family harmony. You shoud know the taboos to avoid the negative effects of kitchen on family harmony.

1. The kitchen door faces the door of a bed room
That door faces door is a typical quarreling Feng Shui. The character of kitchen is fire. If the door of a kitchen faces the door of a bed room, the persons using the bedroom become impetuous. Correspondently, there are much latent dangers of quarreling in the household.

2. The kitchen is not in a regular form
A kitchen should be in a regular form, such as, rectangle, square, etc. If there is jutting or unfilled corners in the kitchen, the relationships between the pair with their parents in law become difficult. It is well known that this kind of relationship is important for family harmony.