How many golden fishes should you have in your office

Many people like to raise golden fishes in their offices, because golden fishes can enforce the good money luck. However, if you violate these taboos, the positive effects of golden fishes will be reduced.

1. Number of the golden fishes
"9" is the best number of the golden fishes. If your aquarium is not good, you can chose "3", "5" and "7". Other numbers can reduce the positive effects of the golden fishes.

2. One or two black golden fishes
You must have one or two black golden fishes in your aquarium. These fishes work as protection for the good money luck. If you don't have black fishes, your money runs away quickly even though you make much money.

3. The best colors
Except black, the best colors for the golden fishes are golden, white, blue and silver. There colors can reduce the harmful lights in the offices, and produce good visuel effcts in the office. You should avoid red, green and purple, because these colors absorb radiation, therefore fishes in these colors are not easy to raise.

4. The forms of the aquariums
The aquariums should be rectangle or round. The character of round aquariums are water. When water plus water, the good money luck becomes stronger. The character of rectangle aquariums is wood. Although wood and water restrict each other, wood helps people to keep good mental state. Therefore they are helpful for the money luck in the offices.