Feng Shui of fake/dry flowers

Many ladys like to decorate their homes with beautiful flowers. It is very pleasant to have a beautiful living environment. From psychological aspect, it is also very good for one's lucks. In the mordern soceity, women have very much pressure. They work hard for their careers and take good care of their families at the same time. So many of them are used to find efficient resolutions in their daily lives. Fake/dry flowers is an example of the resolutions. In addition, fake flowers are genrerally cheaper than true flowers. It is both economic and time efficient to use fake flowers to decorate home. However, are fake flowers good for Feng Shui?

According to Feng Shui theories, everything has "soul". This means that everything in the world has its Qi (energy), and has its effects on Feng Shui. Therefore we should be careful to chose the things we put in our home. In ancient times, it is thought especially unanspicious to put fake/dry flowers in home. In the mordern times, many people don't care about Feng Shui and factories produce lots of these products because the revenues are high. With today's technologies, the products are colorful, delicate and charmful. However, many Feng Shui professionals stand out to object the commercial trend, because fake flowers have many bad impacts to the lucks of the households which use fake flowers in home.

Generally said, fake/dry flowers hurt the marrigage luck of the people living in the house/apartment. However, for those who have too much "wood" in their "life Qi", if they work on finance, they can put some fake/dry flowers in home. Even for them, it is harmful to have too many such things in home. The Feng Shui professionals gave some practial warnings about the negative impacts of fake/dry flowers on Feng Shui:

1. If you just moved into a new house/apartment, fake/dry flowers hurt your health and emotion lucks;

2. If you just married, fake/dry flowers hurt the relationship between you and your spouse, and it becomes difficult for you to get pregnent.

3. If you just got a new job or raised to a higher position, fake/dry flowers hurt your career luck;

4. If you put fake/dry flowers in a bedroom or office, your general luck becomes worse and worse.

Therefore, if you want to save money and time from using true flowers, you should evaluate if it is worth to do it.