The Feng Shui causing you missing job

Missing job is not a fresh thing in soceity. Many people have experienced it one or more times in their lives. However, missing job causes not only economic loss, but also many negative effects to man's mentality. People bear very painful feelings when they miss jobs. Have they thought about that Feng Shui tips could probably help them to avoid a such situation? Check the following points. If you meet one or more of them, you should worry about whether you will miss job soon if you don't do something.

1. Too many things beside the right hand
On the table/desk, the things beside your right hand are called as "conflict things". The more they are, the more conflicts you get in your daily life. This kind of Feng Shui causes that you often become an attack object of villains. They distract your attention, or directly involve you into conflicts which make troubles to your career. On another side, if you keep your desk/table clean and neaty, and put a few auspicious on it, your career luck can become better. For example, if you put fresh flowers beside your right hand, your positive Feng Shui Qi can be increased.

2. Your office door faces the door of your boss
Generally, a door facing another door forms a bad Feng Shui. If your office door faces the door of your boss, you become a object he/she likes to counter against. If you have a strong personality, you and he/she become enemies. If you can't shift office, you can put auspicious things on your desk. This strategy can help you to some degree.

3. Your chair back faces the door of your office
The door is an opening to Qi outside your office. People pass your office door often, and they bring various Qi to your office. When you sit with your back facing the door, from Feng Shui aspect you are short of solid dependence and are easy to be attacked by the negative Qi from the door. If you sit like this in a long term, you become sensitive. You get often also concentration problems and make many mistakes on job.