The Feng Shui positions of culture prosperity in 2017

Culture prosperity has three Feng Shui positions. They are the fast position, the ambulatory position and Bazhai position. The fast position of culture prosperity is determined with the birth time of the person in question, the ambulatory position is determined with the position of Megrez δ, and the Baizhai position is determined with the location of the house/apartment. In 2017, Megrez δ is in the eastnorth. If your front door, reading room, office or desk is in the eastnorth, you have good performances on education. It is worth to mention that the effects of the mentioned locations can superpose on each other.

The character of eastnorth direction is wood. The character of Megrez δ is soil. Wood and soil are against with each other. Therefore, the effects of ambulatory location are some reduced. To increase the effects, we can put the things with the charact water in the ambulatory location. For example, you can put some things containing water in the location. Please pay attention if you do so, the water must be clean all the time. You can also put some black things in the location to form the stae of "Metal promotes water and water promotes wood". It is also helpful if you use green / blue curtain and tablecloth in the reading room/office in the location.

If the reading room/office is not in the eastnorth, you can put your desk in the eastnorth. Additionally, there should be big space in front of the desk, and you should sit close to a wall without window and door, and your back should be infront of the wall. If your toilet and kitchen are in the eastnorth, you must keep them clean. If they are dirty, the ambulatory location will affect negatively your luck on education and learning.