Wallet color and money luck

According to Feng Shui theories, man shouldn't use a same wallet for over three years, because the positive money luck the wallet carries is exhausted during three years. With other words, the age of a wallet has influence to the owner's money luck. In fact, the color of a wallet is also important for the money luck of the owner.

1. White wallet
White represents clean and blank. It is not a color which is good for collecting money. However, if the owner likes usually white color very much, white wallet becomes a symbol of good living quality. Normally the owner has good living taste and is good at managing money, and the white color of the wallet can help him/her to get better money luck. However, he/she can be also a person using too much money on expensive things.

2. Yellow wallet
Yellow wallet is helpful for making money, but saving money. If you work on the projects relating to big amounts of money, yellow wallets can help you to fix your working tasks well. However, if your "life Qi" is against soil, you shouldn't use yellow wallet anyway.

3. Pink wallet
Pink wallet is good for love luck. If you want to improve your love luck, you can choose pink wallet. However, pink wallets are not very helpful for making money.

4. Black wallet
Black wallets are good for collecting money. If you like to make investments, it is not a bad idea to use black wallet. In addition, the persons who like to use black wallet are normally stable and reliable. It is easier for them to get trust of others, therefore there are more chances for them to be rich.

5. Red wallet
Althoug red color is often connected to passion, energy and excitment, red wallets are harmful for money luck. If you use a red wallet, it becomes easier for you to lose money even break.

6. Blue wallet
Many elegant ladies like to use blue wallets, but blue wallets are not good for saving money. When you use a blue wallet, you will experience that your money fades away like flood.

7. Brown wallet
Brown wallets are almost neutral for money luck. Their impacts to money luck are some like black wallets', but some weaker.

8. Golden wallet
Golden wallets are perfect for those working on finance and commerce. Golden color stimulates the willing to work hard and get success. If you are working on big investments or projects with possible big revenues, a golden wallet can increase your possibilities to achieve your aims.

9. Purple wallet
Purple is a symbol of diginity, elegance and intelligence. The persons who like to use purple wallets have normally also the mentioned characters. In addition, they are flexible and have strong minds. Either on managing moeny or on making money, they are excellent. Even if you are not a such person, using purple wallet can bring good money luck to you.

10. Dark pinkish red wallet
They are similiar with pink wallets. If you want to get better love luck, you should use either a pink or a dark pinkish red wallet.