What should you do when your career luck is bad?

When your career luck is in trough, only working hard is not enough to help you, you should additionally learn some Feng Shui tips to get rid of the bad situation as soon as possible.

Firstly, you should put some aromatic things in your home. Not all kinds of aromatic smell are healthy. You must choose those which can calm the nerves and improve your mental state. Firing a sandalwood cense can be a good choice. Every morning, you should give yourself some positive psychological hints, which can inspire your confidence and fighting wish. Your psychological hints should point at your present needs, for example, if you will meet a difficult customer this day, you can image that you and the person have a pleasant meeting. Every evening, you can do some physical excises to relax your nerves and get a good sleep. Both Yoga and Tai Chi are very helpful to reduce pressure. You can also calm your nerves through meditating. Besides these, you can put some Feng Shui objects in your home.

1. Hang "Liu Di Qian", which can improve your money luck, in the middle of your house/apartment.

2. Drink a glass of "Yin Yang water" every morning. "Yin Yang water" is the water of which 50% is cold water from yesterday and 50% is hot water from today. You can put a little bit salt or some honey in the water. Both salt and honey can make you more energyful in the morning.

3. Put a glass of crude brine water respectively in kitchen and bathroom. The water should be shifted once a week.

4. At least once a week you should stand/lie on a lawn for at least 15 minutes, and relax yourself completely when you are on it.

5. Bask yourself often in sunshine when you have time. Sunshine supplements Yang Qi to you. It is important to supplement Yang Qi when man is in a trough.

6. Put a pair of unicorn statues in your entrance-hall, beside the front side of your front door, or nearby your living room.  Unicorns can not only improve your career luck, but also help you if you are trying to get child.

7. Put yellow things in the "money place" of your house/apartment. You should hire Feng Shui professional to find the right money place for you. It is best you put yellow crystal in the money place, because crystal brings good money luck.

8. Hang a white crystal over the location where you often sit. The crystal should be hung right over your head. You can also put it on the desk in your office or home office. White crystal helps to expel evil Qi.

9. The location of your bedroom is also important. If you are a freelancer, your bedroom should be located in north; If you are a manager, your bedroom should be located in northwest; If you work in service industry, your bedroom should be located in northeast; If you are young and expect to be successful with your own efforts, your bedroom should be located in east; If you expect to get much helps from others, your bedroom should be located in southeast; If you expect to get more inspiration, your bedroom should be located in south; If you expect to be more patient, your bedroom should be located in southeast; If you want to relax yourself from working pressure, your bedroom should be located in east.

10. Put some red fornitures or decorations in east. They will make you more energic.

11. You should read our other articles to check if you have violated some other Feng Shui taboos.