Office Feng Shui tips to improve the colleague relationships

Working places are full of competitions. Our colleagues are both our supporters and competitors. Although we are very careful, we are still involved in complicated colleague relationships. This is a main reason causing big wokring pressure. We exploit all our social skills and become exhausted, but probably we should try additionally some Feng Shui tips. These two office Feng Shui tips are easy to apply, but are helpful.

1. Someone takes your credits
Have you experienced that sometimes your working achievement is robbet by other colleagues. For example, you have followed a customer for long time, you took contact with him, collected and sorted data for the meetings with him, etc. after you have worked much and finally the customer decided to order, suddently a colleague takes over the case and the sale volume became a part of his performance. To avoid this kind of "accident", you need actually put a picture of one of the zodiac signs which promote your own zodiac sign on the desk in your office.

2. Someone makes trouble to you
Nobody is liked by all people. In working place, there is always someone who doesn't like you. Some people can get along peacefully with the people they don't like, but some others want to make troubles to those they fell uncomfortable with. If a colleague likes to make troubles to you, your mood even your career development can be negatively impacted. However, if you put a cacti on your desk, the problems can be resolved. After you take the measurement, the colleague will become friendly with you, resign, or move to another working place which can't bother you.