Feng Shui indoor plant - Scindapsus

Scindapsus is easy to plant. All it needs is enough water and light. It is originally a tropic plant, but today it has become an popular indoor plant all over the world. People like it because it is beautiful, clean and has excuberant vitality. However, many don't know that it is also a Feng Shui indoor plant. Let's see what Feng Shui affects Scindapsus has:

1. Auspicious symbol
Scindapsus symbolizes kindness, strength and happiness. Planting scindapsus in home shows the positive mental state of the owners. Meanwhile, the symbolic meanings produce positive psychological hints to the owners.

2. Pleasant outlooking
Scindapsus has beautiful green leaves and graceful slender branches. It is pleasant to look and increases delight of life to the owners.

3. Clean the air
Scindapsus can take in benzene, trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, nicotine, etc harmful materials in the air. It is especially useful when you need to clean the air after you just have decorated your home.

4. Provide oxygen
Fotosyntese reaction av Scindapsus is active, so it is rather effective to take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.

5. Bring money luck
Scindapsus contains much water. Water stores good money luck, so scindapsus is good at gathering and storing good money luck for the owners.

In summary, a healthy scindapsus is good for both physical and mental health of the owners, and brings good money luck. It is an ideal Feng Shui indoor plant.
Feng Shui indoor plant

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