Feng Shui flowers

In the article, you will know several usual Feng Shui flowers. The Feng Shui flowers are beautiful, easy to plant and easy to get.

1. Wealth bamboo
Wealth bamboo is a famous wealth plant. Putting wealth bamboo in home, the money luck of the household will be improved.

2. Kumquat
Kumquat has also the function of improving the wealth luck of the household. Man should keep as many fruits as possible on the tree.

3. Asphodel
Asphodel can improve the general luck of the household and is especially helpful to improving the money luck.

4. Chrysanthmum
Chrysanthmum is helpful to increasing the lifespans of the members of the household. It is suggested that man chooses chrysanthmum with big and beautiful flowers, and put them in the livingroom.

5. Jasmine, lilac and honeysuckle
Some kinds of aromatic flowers, such as Jasmine, lilac and honeysuckle, can help to expel insects and clean the the air. They are also good Feng Shui flowers.

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