Flower Feng Shui tips for home

Fresh flowers decorate our homes, and can not only increase the delight of life, but also bring good lucks to the household. However, if the flowers are placed by wrong ways, they will cause bad Feng Shui to our homes. Read the flower Feng Shui tips for home to exploit the good Feng Shui effects of your home flowers.

1. Don't let flowers withered
Flower plants are more beautiful than green plants, but they need also more care. Fresh flowers improve our living environment, and are good for our mental health. Withered flowers, on anonther side, create bad Feng Shui and affect negatively the luck of the household. Therefore, it is important to hold the flower plants healthy, and remove the withered flowers in time.

2. Flowers in the living room shouldn't be too simple
The flowers in the living room should have strong colors. Living room is the place where friends and relatives gather together, so flowers with strong colors increase the happy atmosphere. Man can also choose the plants with bigger or prosperous flowers for the living room.

3. There should be flowers in the wealthy corners
Putting beautiful flowers in the wealthy corners increases the good wealth luck of the household. It is important to keep the flowers on the wealthy corners fresh.

4. The flowers in bedroom shouldn't be too colorful
The environment in a bedroom should be quiet. Colorful flowers excite the nerves of people, so they are not good for sleeping. The colors of the flowers should also fit the whole environment in the bedroom to create a comfortable sleeping environment. Bedroom environment is very important for the health of the owner of the room. Good health is the garurantee for a good life.

5. The flowers in dinner room shouldn't have strong smell
Strong smell of the flowers in dinner room covers the good smell of the food, so that affects the appetite. The flowers should be put in the middle of the table. It is delightful to appreciate the flowers when eating. 

6. The flowers shouldn't be too close to the chair
The flowers shouldn't be too close to the chair, otherwise man can't concentrate well on working.

7. The flowers shouldn't have worms or insects
Both the flower plants and the soil shouldn't be free from worms and insects, otherwise they make the persons uncomfortable and gather gradually negative Qi to the household.

8. The flowers in kitchen should be able to resist certain warm and air pollution
Aloe, Billbergia, Rohdea japonica, etc. are some examples of the plants which should be put in kitchen. If the kitchen is located in the east of a bedroom, man can put some flowers in golden or yellow color beside the windows of the kitchen to balance the negative Qi field caused by the layout.