The Feng Shui tips career women should know

Many women like to follow fashion when they make up and choose clothes and garnishes. However, harmonious collocation and suitting oneself is the best decoration way according to Feng Shui theories.

1. About making up
According to Yin Yang theory, "Big" is Yang and "small" is Yin; "Strong" is Yang and "Weak" is Yin. Man should hold the principle of Yin Yang balance when making up. For example, if you have big eyes with thick eyebrows, you should only make up a little bit or not make up at all these parts.

2. About handbags
If you are tall or big, there is much Yang in your body. You can use handbag to adjust the relationship of Yin and Yang. Handbags with soft and gentle outlines can balance more or less the Yang your body carries with. If you are small, there is much Yin in your body. You should use the handbags which are either long, thick or have exaggerative patterns.

3. About clothes
If you are tall or big, or have big face, you should choose leisure clothes as often as possible. If you are small, have small face, or have light voice, you should choose formal suits and leisure clothes alternatively. You can also choose combination of formal and leisure clothes.