Feng Shui item - Feng Shui turtle

Turtle is one of the auspicious animals in Chinese culture. It symbolizes longevity and lucky. In addition, the pattern on the turtle shell is similiar with the pattern of BaGua, which is one of the most holy symbol for Chinese. This increases the degree that Chinese people love turtles.

In Feng Shui, turtles are used to increase life span and good wealth luck, defuse conflict, decrease the danger of fire, explosion, anxiety and fabrile syptoms, etc. Follow the following tips to exploit the good Feng Shui effections of Feng Shui turtle: 

Increase life span
Feng Shui turtle is used for expanding life span of the older. The correct way to use Feng Shui turtle for this aim: put a pair of copper turtles beside the bed of the older and let the mouthes of the turtles face the door of the bedroom.

Decrease the danger of fire, explosion, anxiety and fabrile syptoms
The character of turtle is water. Turtle figures should be settled at the places where it is easy to happen fire and explosion. For people who live nearby such places, it is easy to get anxiety and fabrile syptoms. So they should put stone or porcelain turtles at the fire-positions in their homes. Alternative is to raise 1 or 4 or 6 turtles at home.

Increase good wealth luck
"Turtle on turtle" symbolizes "good wealth luck for ever" and "good wealth luck for all generations". "Turtle on turtle" should be put on the wealth positions of home.

Defuse conflicts
Turtles are very tolerent. Putting them in home can defuse aggression man meets in daily life. In Feng Shui, defusing is a better resolution than fighting.

If the turtle is wood, it should be put indoor, or put in the east or south.
If the turtle is stone, it should be put on handrail outdoor, or put in the northwest or southwest.
If the turtle is porcelain, it should be put in aquarium, or put in the north.
If the turtle is copper, it should be put on metal, or put in the west or northwest.
If the turtle is alive, it is important to keep the water clean all the time.

The additional function of alive black turtles
Alive black turtles can surpress evil power and protect the house/apartment from invasion of evil things. One alive black turtle is enough for one household.