Feng Shui knowledge about Chinese New Year's Eve

1. Clean home and clean body
Chinese think it is important to keep both the home and body clean on the Chinese New Year's Eve. In the north of China, people make a thorough home cleaning on the 24th of December, while in the south of China, it is usual that the people do this four days later. On Chinese New Year's Eve, everyone cleans himself/herself before the dinner begins. This is to wash away all the old and bad lucks of the old year, and get a new start in the new year. For Chinese it is also a ritual which cheers up a new mental state for living and working in the new year.

2. Lighten the firecracks
The meaning of lightening the firecracks is "send the old year and welcome the new year". Furthermore, the activity in practice has the function of killing bacteriums. It is an ancient method to disinfect. It has certain sense on maintaining health.

3. Be awake whole night of Chinese New Year's Eve
On Chinese New Year's Eve, traditionally everyone keeps himself/herself awake until dawn. In different regions, there are difficult activites designed for keeping the children awake. One example is that in some regions in the south of China, the children are told if they watch the sky all the time, it is possible the sky opens its door and they can see the world inside the sky through the door. According to Chinese Traditional Medicine, on the first day of each year Yang Qi in the air starts to increase, and it is good for health to supplement Yang Qi to the body with the Yang Qi of the new year day. This is the most possible reason that the custom was formed.