Feng Shui music

A complete birthtime includes year, month, day and hour. In Chinese traditional calendar, each of the four factors is expressed with two characters of Tiangan Dizhi. For example: if one is born at 1974-01-23 cl 20:00, the birthtime is expressed as: 癸丑 乙丑 甲子 丙寅. The pronuciation is Gui Chou Yi Chou Jia Zi Bing Yin. The five characters of the Tiangan Dizhi characters are respectively: water soil wood soil wood water fire wood.

If the five characters of the Tiangan Dizhi characters in a birthtime are balanced with each other, the fortune of the person is plain. Plain fortune is good fortune, because plain means also safe and peaceful. If the birthtime of a person is short of certain character, the character is Yongsheng of the person. Man can compensate the character by many different ways, such as, getting a name with the character, wear something with the character, etc.

Hearing music with the character is a very easy way to compensate the lacking character. In the mentioned example, Yongsheng is metal. The music with character metal can supply metal to the person. With other words, it is auspicious for the person to hear music with character metal.

Generally we determine the character of a music through the text and melody.

The music with sharp or powerful melody is metal;
The music about forest is wood;
The music about water is water;
The music about earth, soil and mountain is soil; 
The music with flaming melody or text is fire;
The music with peaceful melody or text is water;