Feng Shui of restaurants

Feng Shui of a restaurant is important for the business of the restaurant. If you are a restaurant operator, it is helpful to know the main Feng Shui taboos to restaurants. As same as shops, business of restaurants are also depending on the pedestrains. Therefore, the Feng Shui taboos for shops fit also restaurants. But generally, restaurants have different inside constructions comparing with shops, so restaurants have some their own Feng Shui taboos.

1. The color of the restaurant name tablet
The material, form, size, etc. of the restaurant name tablet are important for restaurant Feng Shui. The colors of the tablet are the most important among the related factors. The background color and the color of the text and the color of the pattern of/on the tablet must interpromote each other. The character of white, silver and golden is metal. The character of green and blackish green is wood. The character of pink and red is fire. The character of yellow and brown is soil. The character of black and light blue is metal.

2. Stairs
Many restaurants have more than one floor. Accoring to Feng Shui, stairs in a restaurant should not face any port of the restaurant. If your restaurant has such a fail construction, you can hide the stairs by putting curtain, screen, wall, etc. between the stairs and the port.

3. Ovens
The locations of ovens are very important for Feng Shui. In a restaurant, the backsides of the ovens should be in the negative directions, and the switches of the ovens should face the positive directions of the restaurant. In addition, a oven can't be put in northwest, otherwise the operator will get problems of health, high cost and colleague conflicts.