Feng Shui tips for keeping marriage fresh

With time going, the passion between a husband and a wife can fade. It is easy that husband and wife feel boring in marriage after they have married for many years. What Feng Shui can prevent the situation? Let's see the related Feng Shui tips in the article.

1. The bedroom should be well-ventilated and has proper size and abundent light. If the size is too big or the room is too long, it is easy to feel lonely and become depressive and self-closing. If the size is too small, it is easy to feel oppressive and irritable. Bad mood hinder good communication.

2. TV should not be put in front of the bed, because TV distracts man and reduces communication between husband and wife. The bed should not be too close to window, because it can cause that man thinks of too much other persons and induce marital infidelity. Wedding pictures should not be put on the wall over head, because it makes man oppressive. Sceneric pictures should not be put in the bedroom, because it restricts the love lucks of the partners.

3. The main colors of the bedroom should not be too dark. The colors, such as dark red, dark blue, dark green, etc, should be avoided, because these colors make man oppressive. Pink should also be avoided, because this color stimulates man to initate quarrels and conflicts.

4. Big vases and plants and water should not be put in the bedroom, because these things restrict love lucks of the partners.

5. Man should put decorations which symbolize love and intimate in the bedroom.

6. The bedroom should be clean and comfortable. Clean and comfortable environment makes man happy and relaxed, which is important for maintaining the good relationship between the partners. With the same reason, it is also important to keep the general enviroment in home clean and comfortable. Trash and useless old things in home should be cleaned up in time.