Feng Shui tips for long marriage

The importance of marriage is not less than that of the original family. Most of people want to have an eternal marriage. However, in the real life almost a half part of marriages end with divorce. A long marriage needs not only diligent operation but also good Feng Shui. The effect of Feng Shui is sometimes more important than that of diligent operation. Do you know what Feng Shui can bring long marriage to you?

Feng Shui tips for getting a capable and virtuous wife
A capable and virtuous wife is good at treating the family relationship. She makes the family peaceful and happy, so that the husband can concentrate on career and bring more money home. The children have a good growing environment and become clever and healthy.

Feng Shui can change the inborn fortune of a person. Good Feng Shui is decisive for getting a capable and virtuous wife. If the place in the southeast or southwest to home is high or there is high and big thing, such as building, hill, moutain, etc in the direction, the wife must be able to make the the whole family lucky. If in addition the place in the northeast is water, the daughters in the family must be very beautiful and all the children become very successful. If the place in the southeast or southwest is low or is water, the wife will betray the marriage or has/will have bad health. If the wife becomes sick, it is very difficult to heal her or the sickness comes back again and again.

Feng Shui tips for getting a rich husband
Economy condition is important for family life. Without good economy there is no good life quality. That husband is clever in making money provides a secure economic condition to the family, and is an important psychological balance factor to the relationship between the husband and wife. If the place in the north to the home is high, the places in the south and west are water and the place in east is high or has high and big thing, such as high building, mountain, hill, etc, the husband must be very capable in working and can create superiore living condition to his family.