The Feng Shui causing instigation to marriage

A marriage not only combines two individual persons together, but also brings man to wider and more complicated network. The relationship between man and the family of his/her spouse is often difficult to treat. Friends' suggestions sometimes can be also fatal to a marriage. Many people have the shortcage of being affected by others easily. However, improving home Feng Shui can improve the marriage strength to resist instigation. Let's see what Feng Shui taboos you should avoid to protect your marriage from instigation.

1. There is mountain on the south to home
If there is mountain on the south to home, the wealth luck of the husband will be hurt. The husband can't bring enough money home, some small persons get chances to instigate the wife.

2. There is narrow way on the south to the home
If there is a narrow way on the south direction to the home, the husband is often injuried and can even miss life at young age. When the husband experiences accidents, some talktive people will stir-up enmity between the wife and the husband.

3. There is big tree on the south to the home
If there is big tree on the south to the home, the family is often attacted by cankered persons. Instigating is an usual method for the cankered persons to hurt a family.

4. Earthworm way
If the way in front of the home is squiggly like a earthworm, both the wealth luck and health luck of the family are bad. The family doesn't have enough money and the family members are often sick. The husband or wife will often be blamed as the reason to the unlucky cases by friends or the family of the spouse.