The Feng Shui tips for choosing shop location

There are many Feng Shui taboos about choosing shop location. Let's see what the taboos are.

1. If there is a way in bow form in front of the door, the bow face should face the door.

2. You should avoid forked road in front of the front door. If you can't avoid it, you should put something between the door and the fork.

3. You must avoid quiet road and corner. You should evaluate the traffic flow and people flow passing by the shop before you decide the location.

4. It is wonderful if there is brook, stream or river nearby the shop, but the water flow direction is important. The water stream shouldn't flow outwards from the shop.

5. Big area is better than small area. It is easy to store money luck if the shop is big. You must not choose a shop with a long and narrow corridor/entrance hall. It is better that the customers can see a wide and open space immediately when they come into the shop.

6. The entrance area must have abundant light. Light makes the shop lively. It is important your customers and cooperators have good impression on your shop.

7. The shop must be able to receive much sunshine from the front side. Sunshine supplies positive energy to the shop. However, the front side of the shop should not be exposed to too much heat if the shop is located in a warm place.

8. The front side of the shop must not face any thing causing uncomfortable feeling, for example, chimney emitting pollutant, toilet, hospital, etc.

9. There should be at least one Feng Shui item in the shop. It is recommanded to hire Feng Shui professional to design Feng Shui item for your shop, so that the Feng Shui item not only fits the layout of your shop but also can bring prosperity to the shop.