Feng Shui tips about the bedroom for enforcing love in couples

"Be together forever" is the serious oath every couple make when they marry. Everyone is honest when he/she declares the oath. However, how many marriges end with divorce! The originally deep love is frittered away gruadaully by big or small conflicts in daily life. But Feng Shui tips can help people to reduce the conflicts and enforce the love in a couple.

1. Comfortable bedroom
The more comfortable the bedroom is, the easier one feels happy with his/her partner. Proper light, decoration and bedding are the keys to make a bedroom comfortable. For example, too strong or too weak light irritates or oppresses man and can cause easily mood problems and conflicts.

2. Middle bedroom size
If the bedroom is too big, Yang energy is probably not enough in the room. "Too little Yang energy" is a harmful Feng Shui, which directly hurts the physical health of the couple and impacts negatively their general lucks. If the bedroom is too little, one feels oppressive and wants to escape from the bedroom.

3. Love symbols
The couple should put some things which symbolize love in the bedroom. These things can be heart figure, doulbe photo of the couple, the things which bring good memories about the relationship, etc. If the couple decorate the room with animal figures, the animal should not be the enemies of the zodiac animals of the couple. Otherwise, it is easy to impact the underconciousnesses of the couple negatively.