Feng Shui tips for the bedrooms of newlyweds

Except following the bedroom Feng Shui tips for ordinary couples, newlyweds have some extra Feng Shui taboos which must be paid attention to. Let's see what these extra Feng Shui taboos for the bedrooms of newlyweds are:

1. The decoration date
According to Feng Shui, the starting date of building a house is important for the future lucks of the persons using the house. Decoration a weddingroom is similiar with starting building, whatever the weddingroom is completely new or just a old one. Feng Shui professional can calculate which date is the auspicious date to starting the decoration based on the birthtime of the couples and the location of the weddingroom.

2. Don't put too expensive decoration on the bed
In the old days, people put some beautiful and colorful silk quilts on the weddingbed to symbolize rich and happy furture for the couple. Nowadays, the living standard is high and many people like to put some very expensive things on the bed. However, if Yang of one or both of the couple is not strong enough, the energy of the expensive things can hurt the luck of the couple.

3. Red is not always the right color
Red is the traditional color for wedding. However, if the character of anyone of the couple is fire, red should be avoid. Instead of red, man can use pink as the main color of the decorations in the weddingroom. If the weddingroom is located in the right south direction, red should also be avoided.

 4. Big mirror should be avoided
Big mirror can't be put in a weddingroom. The character of mirror is Yin, which can reduce the Yang of the husband who must have enough Yang with him in the wedding day.