Feng Shui tips for family peace

An old Chinese wisdom says: if a family is peacful, the family must be thriving. Family is a habour for anyone, so family peace is critical for the development of anyone. Feng Shui professional analyzied related Feng Shui theories and summarized the following tips for family peace.

1. Putting gourd in auspicious positions
According to Feng Shui, gourds can store good lucks. Putting gourds in auspicious positions at home can improve the luck of the family. The more lucky the family is, the more peaceful the family is. This Feng Shui forms a vituous cycle.

2. Hanging bamboo flute at home
Bamboo flute has several good Feng Shui functions. Improving family peace is the most obvious Feng Shui function of bamboo flute. Bamboo flute should be hung in the south direction in the apartment/house. According to Feng Shui theories, both south and bamboo flute represent happiness, so bamboo flute and south direction promotes each other. However, bamboo flute using for the mentioned aim should be beautiful and clean. It is better if there is auspicious pattern on the flute.

3. Good Feng Shui in the bedroom of the couple
Couple is the nucle of a family. Good couple relationship is the key factor for family peace, so every couple should take their bedroom Feng Shui seriously.