Feng Shui tips for reducing conflicts between husband and wife

It is easy to fall in love, but difficult to get along with well. When two different persons live together, there are certainly many disagreements in daily life. For numberless couples, disagreements convert to continual quarrels which consume their love to each other. However, there are some Feng Shui tips which can reduce the conflicts effectively. Do you know the Feng Shui tips?

1. Hide the sharp things
It is not avoidable that we have to put some sharp things, such as scissors, knives, forks, needles, etc. in home. When we see sharp things, our underconciousness become anxious and defensive. It is easy that we become irritable when we are in such states. We should always put the things in drawer and cabinet when we don't use them. In addition, we should also avoid putting decorations with sharp corner, sharp end or sharp side in home.

2. Proper colors in the bedroom
Colors in a bedroom should be harmony with each other and can create comfortable atmosphere. Although it is not recommanded to use too much strong color in bedroom, it is helpful to enforce the love between a couple with putting some red/pink decorations in their bedroom. Man can also eat/drink often red food/drink. As mentioned earlier, if the inborn fortune of anyone of the couple contains much fire, they should use pink instead of red.

3. Pink crystal
Crystal is a Feng Shui item. When the relationship between a couple becomes bad, putting a crystal in the east or west direction in the home can enforce the love between the couple.

4. Photo of the lover
Putting a photo of the lover in the pocket near the heart is a good way to enforce the emotion between a couple.

5. Wedding photoes
Wedding photoes can only be put in the southwest or southeast direction in home. Meanwhile, man should not put photo/picture of any other person in the directions.

6. Bed
The bed of a couple should not face directly a door, a mirror, a sharp thing or right under a beam. These things can stress our underconciousness negatively and produce negative mood.

7. Lovely animal figures
Man can decorate home with some lovely animal figures. However, man should avoid the animal figures which are not match the inborn fortune characters of any part of the couple.

8. Keep home neat
A neat living environment is good for mood. Home is the place to rest and relax. It is more important that home is neat. When we creat a comfortable home, we get also a stronger mental state to resist pressure and treat unhappiness.