Feng Shui tips for reducing quarrels in couples

Disagreement is one of the most usual things for any couple. A disagreement can easily develop to a radical quarrel. Quarrel is very harmful to a relationship. Today, there are more and more theraphies and courses helping couples to treat disagreements. However, the divorce rate becomes higher and higher. In fact, sometimes improving Feng Shui can be the key resolution to a bad couple relationship. Do you know the following Feng Shui tips for reducing quarrels in couples.

1. The entrance should be light
The entrance to an apartment/house is called as "Xuanguan". Xuanguan must be bright and clean. Many families turn off the light in Xuanguan when nobody is there. This saving strategy is not good for the couple relationship in the family. Man should keep the light in Xuanguan on all the time.

2. Avoid light composed of three bulbs
In Yin Yang theory number three represents conflict and quarrel. Light composed of three bulbs can cause many quarrels.

3. The three moving evil positions
If the bedroom of the couple is located on anyone of the three moving evil positions at home, it is very easy to happen quarrel in the couple. The three moving evil positions are different every year. The three moving evil positions this year are east, southeast and northeast. Man can put a pair of copper Pixiu in the bedroom to defuse the evil Qi caused by the Feng Shui.

4. Use warm colors in the bedroom
The colors in the bedroom of the couple should be warm colors. Warm colors make man more positive and passionate. Man should additionally put a double photo of the couple on the bedstand or dressing table, and use decorations which symbolize love or couple in the bedroom.