Feng Shui tips about talking topics on bed for couples

Chatting before sleeping can improve the relationship of a couple depending on what man chats about. Warm and happy topics are undoubtly good for couple relationship. However, bad topics hurt emotion of the man or women and have big lethality to the couple relationship. If you are in a partner relationship, you should avoid these topics:

1. Guess how much we used on ......
Bed is for rest. Man hopes that the nerves get completely relax on bed. However, discussions about family costs make man stressful and increase man's anxiety. If you talk this topic often, the another part must be more and more sick of lying on the bed at the same time with you. On another side, from Feng Shui theories, discussing finance on bed hurts the wealth luck of the household.

2. Your mother complains again ......
The relationship between spouse and man's own original family is the most difficult case in marriage for many people. Mostly when you complain about his/her parents, you increase only resistance of your partner to you. If you have to complain, you must do it artfully. It is not proper to discuss this topic on the bed when man wants relaxation and happiness.

3. Who was it?
When you investigate your partner's social network, it often indicates that you suspect your partner. On bed, the most private place, man is sensitive and weak. Your suspection only hurts feeling and rises anger. Your partner will feel strongly that you don't trust him/her. For most of us, trust is as important as love itself.

4. Discussing the failure of the partner
A couple have the most intimate relationship. Such topic is certainly not forbidden to a couple. However, man should discuss these things in more formal communication and take the attitute of matter-of-fact and show care and wish to help and support. If man discusses with wrong method and at wrong place, the partner feels only insulted and becomes resentful.

5. Providing suggestion
On bed, the brain is more relaxed and thinking is not tight. It is easy for both parts of the couple to make wrong judgement and decision, which can be blasting fuse of blames and quarrels in the future. In addition, we are more emotional and inflammatory on bed. It is easy to quarrel when discussing serious things on bed.