The Feng Shui causing short marriage

Many people are not serious about marriage. They get marry quickly and divorce short time after. Normally impulsiveness and selfishness are obvious problems among such couples. Personality is certainly related to the growth experience of man. However, the present living environment is also an important impact factor. Through adjusting the Feng Shui causing improper personal psychology, a couple can enforce their marriages. Do you know what Feng Shui can cause short marriage?

1. The bed faces one or more mirrors
Some people like to look themselves from mirror when they lie in bed. But this Feng Shui is a big taboo, because it causes emotional instability to the persons using the beds, therefore is not good for couple relationship.

2. Complicate roof decoration
Simple and elegant roof decoration helps to calm nerves and is good for sleeping. Complicate roof decoration can impact man's sleep and cause fickleness, anxiety and other negative mood. It is not good for couple relationship.

3. Colorful curtains
Curtains should be sweet or elegant. These kinds of curtains help man to keep affection and respect to the marriage.

4. Sleeping position
The correct positions of a couple in bed are: the man is on the left, and the woman is on the right. Wrong positions disturb Yin Yang balance of the couple, therefore is not good for their relationships. Many couples who divorce short time after wedding lay in opposite positions, that is, the man lay on the right and the woman lay on the left.