The Feng Shui making the husband caring more the family

In some families, the wives stay at home to take care of the children, and the husbands are the only family economic sources. With time going by, the husbands accumulate manifold experiences and become more and more charming. Some of the husbands can become very pround in front of the wives and even think the wives are boring. In such cases, the wives can enforce the loves of the husbands to the families with the following Feng Shui tips:

1. Balanced left and right sides
The layout of the livingroom should be balanced. The sizes and heights of the fornitures on the left side of the main sofa can be a little bit biger and higher, but the general layout in the living room should be harmonic. In addition, if there are more high/heavy things on the left outside the living room than on the right, it is also not good for the wife.

2. The living room is too magnificent
The magnificent degree of the living room should match the general Yin Yang relationship of the couple. Too magnificent living room stimulates the desire of the husband to feasting and revelry, and is not good for family stability.