The Feng Shui tips for single ladies who want to get boyfriends as soon as possible

There are many single women today. Many of them have good jobs and good economy. Meanwhile, they have also high standards for their future boyfriends. The higher the standards are, the more difficult it is for them to get the dreamlovers. However, this is not the only reason for them to become single non-voluntaryly. Unproper Feng Shui at home can sometimes be one important reason. Get the Feng Shui tips for single women for finishing their single statuses.

1. Skew mirror in bedroom
Skew mirror in bedroom can affect the underconciousness of the owner of the room. Single women with skew mirrors in their bedrooms can get many strange ideals. These ideals can either directly affect their ways to evaluate men or affect their own behavior- and thinking models, so that it becomes difficult for them to meet ideal men matching them.

2. Moist and dark bedroom
Moist and dark bedroom can make man introversive and dissocial. So the women living in moist and dark bedrooms can have less chances to meet the proper men to develop relationships together.

3. Pot plant and aquarium
Putting fresh flowers in bedroom can improve one's love luck and increase the opportunities for him/her to meet persons who potencially can develop a relationship with him/her. Conversely, pot plant and aquarium in bedroom reduce such chances for single women. This kind of Feng Shui can also damage the existing relationships of the women living in the bedrooms.

4. The bed is not against a wall
If the bed is not against a wall, the owner of the bedroom must be short of desire for stable life. This indicates that there is less chances for her to find a proper partner and establish family.

5. A bedroom is constructed from a kitchen or bathroom
Many apartments or houses are built with double bathrooms or double kitchens. Some families recontruct one of the bathrooms or kitchens into a bedroom. If the families have single women, it is difficult for them to get married. This Feng Shui can even cause mental sickness to the family members.