The Feng Shui tips preventing husband betraying

Betraying is an usual reason damaging marriage. Many women worry all the time that their husbands can't resist the temptation outside of home and betry their relationships. Taking prevention is better than only being afraid. Enough attention, respect and good communication are necessary to keep a good parnter relationship. In addition, good Feng Shui can also help the man to protect the relationship.

To prevent betraying, it is important to decorate the Shengqi and Yannian positions in the home properly. Yannian and Shengqi are two of the eight auspicious positions inside an apartment/house. Yannian position is critical for the family relationship. If the Yannian position is decorate properly, the couple love each other all the time and the family is peaceful and happy. Shengqi position affects the career and wealth lucks of the male host. If the position is decorate properly, the man is brave and enterprising and successful on career. Meanwhile, the children are also positive and working hard. However, if any of the two positions are decorate wrongly, it is easy that the man falls in love with another woman and breaks the existing relationship. Man should hire professional persons to determine the two positions and design the decorations.

Placement of mirror at home is important for home Feng Shui. If a mirror faces an entrance of the apartment/house, it is easy for the apartment/house to be invaded by Yin energy which damages the relationship of the couple.

Any family should get Feng Shui professional caculating Feng Shui before it moves in a new living place. Moving time, indoor designation and environment around the apartment/house can impact the relationship between the couple. Many couples have good relationships before they move in the new places, but have to divorce short time after moving because of wrong Feng Shui.