What Feng Shui can cause divorce?

Everyone wants his/her marriage lasting forever. To maintain a good marriage, except giving each other respect and love, a couple should pay attention to many other things, such as proper making up, skills on treating conflicts, etc. Home Feng Shui decides one's living environment, therefore affects very much man's oppinions and mood, and is one of the most important factors affecting marriage quality. Following the Feng Shui tips and creating an environment favoring your marriage.

1. It is empty behind sofa
Sofa should be put against wall. If the place behind a sofa is carridor, window, mirror, glass, etc, the couple can't feel stablity and reliability at home. It is easy for them to look for companiors outside home.

2. Messy home
According to Yin Yang theories, energy fields of the things in a same environment affect each other. If the living environment is messy, the Yin Yang relationship in the environment is also messy. The messy Yin Yang relationship affects furthermore the inside Yin Yang relationship of the persons in the environment, and cause that the persons are short of inner calmness. It is easy for the couple living in a such environment to quarrel with each other.