Bedroom Feng Shui tips for good peach bloom luck

Some people get always problems on getting an ideal partner. Other people usually think the reasons are that these people are too fasticious or too cacual to love. However, it is very possible that Feng Shui is just the real reason. Improper home decoration is often a reason causing difficult emotional experience. Read the article and learn how you should decorate your home and what you should avoid to get better peach bloom luck.

1. Colorful walls
The walls at home should be clean and elegant. Too colorful walls cause too many unwanted emotional tanglings. Man should also be careful about vine plants. Vine plants climbing over the board of home represent unwanted emotional expanation.

2. Bedroom is visible
If the bedroom is visible from another household, the general luck of the bedroom owner will be hurt. This Feng Shui hurts especially peach bloom luck. Man can use something like curtain or screen to shade the bedroom. In addition, the window should not be opened often, because too much ventilation will destroy peach bloom luck.

3. Wrong bed location
There should not be any floor-to-ceiling window behind the bed head. Such Feng Shui not only damages peach bloom luck, but also causes conflicts to the couple using the room. There should not be mirror nearby the bed end. Such Feng Shui causes unstable mood and is not good for developing emotional relationship.

4. Wrong flowers
There should not be fake or dry flowers in the bedroom. The flowers in bedroom must not be throny, otherwise the peach bloom luck will be completely damaged.

5. Messy bed
The bed must be clean and neat, otherwise peach bloom luck can not be stored at home.

6. Dark or moist bedroom
Living in dark or moist bedroon is not only bad for physical health, but also makes the bedroom owner more and more reclusive and unsocial. Such Feng Shui should be avoided.  

The things which are good for peach bloom luck
1. Putting yellow flowers or perfume with weak and comfortable duft in the bedroom can improve the peach bloom luck.

2. The main colors in the bedroom should be warm. Warm colors make the owner more passionate. Pink color is ideal for improving peach bloom luck.

3. Man should put some decorations in circle or round form in the bedroom. Circle and round forms represent perfection, union, happy end, stable, etc. positive meanings. They create psychological hints favoring to establish sweet social relationship.