Feng Shui animal turtle

It is said Fuxi, one of the earliest leader of Chinese, created 8 Gua patteren with the inspiration he got from the patteren on the shell of a white turtle. 8 Gua is a model of simulating the nature. It was widely used in the later several thousands of years in China, and has proved its' high practicability.

Meanwhile, turtle is very longevous, so ancient Chinese thought turtles were a kind of magic animals. Later they found the even more magic thing, that is, turtles can defuse conflict disaster of household. Conflict disaster means serious and disadvantagous talks or lawsuits against a family. If a family raises a turtle at home, conflict disaster can't happen to it. If a family has gotten a conflict disaster, the family members can put a turtle at home to defuse the disaster.

"Sanbi" location represents conflict disaster. Its' five-character is wood. When a conflict disater happens, the magnetic field of "Sanbi" location of the household becomes much stronger than normal. A turtle can find the location by itself and stays there. The magenetic field of "Sanbi" location promotes turtle. The turtle will stay on the location and utilize the magenetic power until it becomes normal again.