Feng Shui animals

Feng Shui animals are the animals which can determine Feng Shui. Ancient Chinese found that dog, turtle and snake have different responses in different Feng Shui environments. After lots of observation, they found the regulars of the responses and started to utilize the responses to determine Feng Shui. However, not all the places with good Feng Shui are good for people. The environment which is favor a Feng Shui animal, can be harmful to a person for a series of reason, for instance, the five-character of the person is restricted by the five-character of the environment. Feng Shui animals are useful for Feng Shui professional for determining roughly Feng Shui of an environment, and in certain cases, they can also be used to defuse disasters.

Feng Shui animal: dog

Feng Shui animal: snake

Feng Shui animal: turtle