Feng Shui tips about car decorations

Many people like to hang some decorations in their cars. The decorations show the interests of the owners and also affect their underconciousness. From Feng Shui aspect, the decorations can impact much the lucks of the owners. Feng Shui professional think that certain hanging decorations can be used as Feng Shui items and bring good lucks to the owners. Check the following recommanded decorations:

1. Coin in plum bloom form: improves luck of officialdom and defuses harm of small persons.
2. Union horn wind bell: defures evil energy and protects wealth.
3. Big copper coin: secures the owners.
4. Golden Yuanbao: brings good wealth luck.
5. Gourd: protects health and security luck.
6. Guanyin: protects the person and his/her home from disaster.
7. Decorations made of tiger eye stone or agate: bring good lucks to the owners.

But some decorations man hould avoid to have:

1. The decorations with unpleasant forms/outlookings
Outlooking is the pattern of manification. The things look unpleasant to you carry the manifications which are not match your energy field, therefore can be harmful to you.

2. Cartoon figures
According to Feng Shui, dolts and cartoon figures represent small persons which can be cankered to you. You should evade from them as much as possible.

3. The things distract you
Man must concentrate on driving when man drives. The things distracting the drivers are security threats, therefore should not be put in cars.