Feng Shui tips for office ladies to avoid getting fired

Although you are very careful on working place, you still can get fired whenever it is. The superficial reason can be macroeconomy, market change, circumvention of other people, your own mistake, etc. However, the following Feng Shui tips can make you more safe from getting fired if you follow these Feng Shui tips.

1.  Blue dragon on the left and white tiger on the right
The left side of your desk should be high, and the right side of it should be low. You can put some high things on the left side. In addition, the layout on the right side should be as simple as possible. You should only put few simple and small things, such as cup, mouse, little plant, etc. on the left side.

2. Beautiful plant
You can put a little of plant in your office. The plants must be beautiful and are nither sharp nor thorny. The plants with round and thick leaves are the best for office luck.

3. No doll or colorful decoration
It is easy for you to be trapped by cankered persons if you put doll in your office. The personal things, such as cup and frame, you put in the office should be elegant and simple, to give other people the impression that you are a steady person.

4. Leave some documents open
Leaving some documents open on your desk can make impression that you work hard. You should use the strategy especially when your boss is thinking about reducing staff number. Although it looks a little messy, the desk with opened documents can make your boss more happy when he/she sees you.