Feng Shui tips for placing computer at home

1. Putting them on the places with good ventilation
Computers are electronic products with strong magnetic fields which are harmful for our health. They have much affection on the users' lucks. The five-character of computer is fire. Putting them on well ventilated places can weaken their magnetic fields.

2. Putting them on auspicious places
If computers are put on evil places at home, their magnetic fields and the evil energy of the evil places enforce each other. The places on the diagonal lines of the entrance of the house/apartment are auspicious places for computers.

3. Should not be put in living room
We use computer very much. It is not healthy to spend too much time in living room, because living room can be too big for us. Everyone exchanges his/her energy continually with the environment. If man is sitting in a big room for long time, it can be difficult to reach a balanced energy state in his/her body, because the energy in environment is too strong. The Yin Yang relationship in his/her body becomes often unhealthy.

4. The location should not be changed often
If you change the location of the computer often, the energy relationship between it and the environment changes often. As mentioned, the magnetic field of a computer is strong. Its' affection to the environment is big. Correspondently, your body experiences also big environment change often.