Feng Shui tips for successful job interview to the graduates

The graduates are short of both working and interview experience. Except learning interview technics, man should also learn some Feng Shui tips to increase the competitive power in the hard working market. The Feng Shui tips are not complicate, but can work magically.

1. Getting peach blooms
In Feng Shui, peach blooms represent the luck of being popular. For the graduates without working experience, getting peach blooms can help to getting job. Peach blooms come from the windows of the bedroom. To get peach blooms you should keep your bedroom windows and curtains clean. Pink is the favorite color of peach blooms, so you can use some pink decorations in your bedroom. Pink crystal is efficient to attract peach blooms.

2. Good colleague relationship
Bosses like to hire the persons who are clever in treating colleague relationship. Before you are hired, they can't really know how good/bad you are on this. However, if you improve your ability on treating colleague relationship, it is naturally easier for you to be accepted by the HR and bosses in interview. You can improve your ability on treating colleague relationship by keeping your terrace and the windows in the living room and the place right outside of the entrance of your apartment/house clean.

3. The forehead is visible
In Feng Shui, forehead represents career luck. To get good career development, you should always keep your forehead clean and visible. Don't hesitate to pay a hairdresser to make your forehead beautiful before you go to interview.

4. Purple crystal helps to calm your nerves
Many people are very nervous in interview. Putting purple crystal in the bedroom helps to calm one's nerves and improve the memory.

5. Sitting in lights
You should arrive the interview place a little earlier than the appointed time, so that you get time to rest and calm yourself. You should sit in a place with enough lights. It is important to let the HR and bosses see your front side clearly. Additionally, wearing white crystal makes other people trust you more. Naturally, it is not necessary to let the white crystal visible to others.